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This country takes pride in its original creed of welcoming all people

Under certain circumstances, the United States may offer different types of legal refuge to qualifying individuals. If you are fleeing your home country due to a legitimate threat, you may be eligible to seek asylum here, which is a legally-protected status. However, the asylum laws and regulations are complicated, and this status is only granted to a few thousand people every year. If you believe that you qualify for asylum, it's important that you get in touch with an experienced immigration attorney in Florida right away. At the law firm of John K. Turner, we provide counsel and representation to those seeking asylum, and we will go the extra mile to present your case in a solid and persuasive way.

This country takes pride in its original creed of welcoming all people, and the Statue of Liberty has long been a symbol of the freedom from oppression that all individuals deserve. For anyone under threat due to their ethnicity, religion, political opinion, gender, or orientation, finding security is paramount. Here at our firm, we take these things seriously, and we explore all the options to help people live out their lives in peace and safety. While legal asylum may be a feasible choice for you, it is not recommended that you attempt the filing and hearing process by yourself.

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